Friday, 15 February 2013

RIP Goldie Harvey- Nigerian Singer, Goldie Harvey Is Dead!

Goldie Harvey just went to rest with Lord few hour ago, JUST FEW HOURS ARRIVING FROM THE GRAMMY AWARD IN THE  UNITEDSTATES we learnt that she was rushed to the hospital on the Island in Victoria Island by her best friend Denrele Edun @ about 8pm thursday last 14th Feb 2013, but unforunately She passed away on MR EDUN arms. RIP GOLDIE.
So, that is how people die, i am shaking, we just saw her with RMD rocking the red carpet in Hollywood beside RIRI AND CHRIS BROWN, Brown rocking his white new suit.. Please let pray for her family n friends, Edun is still crying poor boy, such a nice guy,,

I just learnt that She and EDUN was about to start a reality show due to be filmed on the nigerian dstv,,,
guys, i will get you posted as soon as we gather more information,,, The poor girl should have stayed in America oh,,, what a counrty naija,,, but do we have a choice, naija na our fatherland,,, peace,, good night from UK.


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