Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Lil Wayne Tried To Fight Marcos Maidana’s Trainer After Floyd Mayweather Boxing Match

Lil Wayne talks a big game, but the rapper nearly had to back it up after a post-fight confrontation with Marcos Maidana’s entourage. The member of Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s walkout crew on Saturday night nearly came to blows after an incident following the Mayweather-Maidana bout.
According to TMZ Sports, the rapper was walking into the tunnel at the MGM Grand with the rest of Mayweather’s entourage when a water bottle struck him on the shoulder from behind.
Believing it had been thrown by Maidana’s people, Wayne immediately walked back toward the trailing Maidana group and confronted them.
What followed was a bilingual shouting/shoving match between two heated groups,
The man purported to be Wayne (it certainly looks like him) was momentarily subdued before yelling at Maidana’s crew.
“Let’s go, [expletive]!” he yelled.
Both sides were separated without further incident, though the same can’t be said about spectators in the crowd on Saturday night.
According to John Katsilometes of the Las Vegas Sun, 24 people were taken to the hospital after being trampled or otherwise injured in a post-fight stampede for the exits.
In short, no one was getting out of the MGM Grand without some form of violence. It would’ve been interesting to see how Wayne would have fared against Maidana or one of his trainers. He might’ve had a hard upbringing in New Orleans, but that doesn’t exactly prepare you for a fistfight with trained professionals.
Greg Smith of BlackSportsOnline believes this might’ve been a brash move on Wayne’s part.
“This wasn’t Lil Wayne’s best idea ever,” writes Smith. “There was a lot of violence that broke out after the Floyd Mayweather vs Marcos Maidana fight on Saturday at MGM Grand, with 40+ people getting hurt.”
Too many people were looking to stir trouble after Mayweather defeated Maidana, though one member of the defending champ’s entourage appeared to be conspicuously missing in this equation. My question is: Where was Justin Bieber during all of this?
Surely Mayweather’s best friend and closest confidante would’ve liked to perpetuate his bad boy image by mixing it up with some lifelong pugilists?
Or perhaps not.
As for what this confrontation means for future fights, it’s unlikely that Mayweather would leave the rapper out of his entourage should a rematch with Maidana occur.
Mayweather might even try to add Wayne to the bill. Nothing would draw more additional PPV buys than a 5’6″ rapper squaring off against one of Maidana’s monstrous bodyguards.

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