Saturday, 25 July 2015

Kanye West’s 4 Most Insanely Quotes About Kim Kardashian

Kanye West was so proud of his wife, Kim Kardashian, Here are the some quotes he’s said about her.
1. On what Kim Kardashian has to offer
“In my industry, beauty is a talent. You know, ‘What is she talented at?’ She’s talented at being beautiful.”
2. “There’s no way Kim Kardashian shouldn’t be on the cover of Vogue. She’s like the most intriguing woman right now. She’s got Barbara Walters calling her like every day … and collectively we’re the most influential with clothing. No one is looking at what [President] Obama is wearing. Michelle Obama cannot Instagram a pic like what my girl Instagrammed the other day.”

3. “People are so, so dated and not modern. It’s like, there’s no way Kim Kardashian shouldn’t have a star on the Walk of Fame.
4 . “She just needed to be given some platforms of information to work from. One beautiful thing is that as she discovers it, the world discovers it. For her to take that risk in front of the world, it just shows you how much she loves me.”
kim kardashian and kanye west

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