Thursday, 26 May 2016

Revealed! Why Atiku Abubakar divorced wife

Revealed! Why Atiku Abubakar divorced  wife

A wife is hardly a piece of artifact; trophy wife or not, no woman treasures been kept away like an article or household furniture but former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar was probably blind to that fact. Perhaps he wasn’t unaware of it, he simply chose to ignore it.
The Turaki Adamawa however, paid the ultimate price for abandoning his pretty wife, Fatima, in a tastefully furnished apartment in Lagos; he suffered a strain in their relationship and when the passion that brought them together could not hold their love anymore, he decided to divorce her.
It never mattered to him that Fatima bore him six children, Atiku simply wanted to be done with her. And he is done with her. Although the couple attribute their separation to irreconcilable differences, The Capital findings revealed that there is more to their separation than meets the eye. The details are more interesting and instructive than the socially-correct excuse the Turaki Adamawa has given for divorcing his third wife.
But while Fatima smarts and remains desolate over the sad incidence of her separation from the father of her six children; the Turaki Adamawa’s three other wives are set to milk her exit for all its worth, each wife positioning herself to run the former VP’s heart amok. Even before he divorced Fatima, of his four wives, Hajia Titi Aminat and Jamilah Jennifer Douglas were the most prominent and perhaps his favourites, among his wives. Titi, his first wife is Yoruba, with strong ties with Togo, while Jamilah his last wife is Igbo.
In the wake of the Turaki Adamawa’s divorce with Fatima, his third wife, further findings revealed that Titi, his first wife, has not been getting the best of attention from him. Atiku is reportedly unhappy with her intrusive nature, particularly how she interferes in their children’s marriages and crucial life decisions.
But Titi has stubbornly refused to heed her husband’s advice. Atiku in annoyance, now pays more attention to Jamilah, his last wife. He is so besotted with this lady that he consults with her in most of the decisions that affect his life and pursuits. Jamilah, who is also known as Jennifer, was formerly based in the United States, where she was a PhD student at the American University in Washington DC. Some years back, she launched GEDE Foundation, a non-profit organisation in the USA.
This attracted some Nigerian moneybags, who made generous donations so as to curry favour from her husband, who was then the country’s Vice-President. Atiku allegedly enjoys the pampering and love that Jamilah showers on him. But Titi is hardly perturbed. She confided recently, with some of her close friends over goings-on in her marriage, stressing that she would rather invest her energy in taking care of her grandchildren than being bothered about being neglected by the Turaki Adamawa.

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