Monday, 6 January 2014

CSNAC Calls On EFCC To Prosecute Lagos State Council Chairman Tajudeen Ajide

Civil Society Network Against Corruption (CSNAC) has called on the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to investigate the Surulere Local Government of Lagos State and to prosecute its chairman, Tajudeen Ajide, citing various newspaper reports as well as documentary evidence at the disposal of the Network.

In a petition dated December 17, CSNAC recalled that following the failure of Mr. Ajide to address several complaints by the legislative arm of the council bordering on corruption and abuse of office, the legislative council on 14 March 2013 resolved to commence suspension proceedings against him for misappropriation of public funds and contravention/disregard for the Public Finance Management Law of Lagos State.
The group noted that on the basis of the Legislative Council committee's findings and following its resolution dated 19th November 2012, a vote of no confidence was passed on Mr. Ajide and a number of allegations “overwhelmingly” sustained against him.
It listed them to include:
    •    Aiding and abetting through criminal conspiracy by awarding contracts to his allies and conies through which Local Government funds were siphoned;
    •    Collection of various sums of Money both in Naira and Foreign currencies in form of salaries and purchase of official car for office of the wife of chairman which does not exist.
    •    Obtaining Bank loans and overdrafts at various times between October 2012 and February 2013 without the knowledge and approval of the Legislative council;
    •     Award of over-inflated and questionable contracts; and
    •    Purchase of a N17m vehicle for the office of the Chairman without delivery of same to the Council.
“A petition, chronicling these atrocities, was addressed by the Council Legislative House to Lagos State House of Assembly, demanding an urgent intervention in the matter and appropriate sanction against Mr. Ajide,” CSNAC said.  “Though, Mr. Ajide was summoned by Clerk of the Assembly on the strength of the petition, in a curious twist, the indicted Council Chairman has continued in corruptly enriching himself and cronies at the expense of developing the council area. “Following these unresolved allegations against Mr. Ajide and failure of the Lagos State House of Assembly to discharge its constitutional duties on this matter, we here demanding an urgent investigation and necessary action of your Commission on this matter.”
Forward the relevant documents to the EFCC and citing the failure of the Lagos State House of Assembly to discharge its constitutional duties on the matter, CSNAC demanded urgent investigation and necessary action

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