Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Popular Lagos pastor Dr. Sign Fireman arrested over alleged ritual murder of virgin girl

You can fool people, but, you can not fool all the people all the time. Imagine a pastor driving all such of exotic armored cars raning from Hummer, Range Rover, owning jet and etc. So, men other acclaimed and self imposed so called fake men of god not GOD. will all soon be exposed gradually in Jesus Name. Jesus was not dring in exotic cars or flying in private jets. The theree men from far east. trekked, walked from far east china to Jerusalem to see the KING JESUS CHRIST, when he was borned. They did fly their private jet or drive in Benteley. God save Nigeria with their crafts and so called wanna be rich quick scam of ritual making get rich soon.

Controversial Lagos miracle pastor Pastor Ofuche Ukoha, popularly known as Dr. Sign Fireman, has been arrested by Lagos police over alleged ritual murder of a 12 year old girl.

"Sign Fireman has been implicated in a ritual murder scandal involving a boy in his church who strangled a 12 year old girl while trying to obtain feces from her for ritual purposes.
The disclosure of Pastor Fireman's involvement in the scandal was made by an eighteen year old boy paraded by the police in Lagos. The teenage suspect (pictured above) stated during the parade that he was sent on the ritual mission by Pastor Fireman.
He said he had always dreamt of becoming rich and had approached the pastor personally, after years of attending the church without his own financial miracle happening, Mr. Fireman reportedly told him the way to get his Sign for finance was to get the feces of a virgin girl. The suspect said Pastor Fireman promised him a reward of N100,000 for the assignment.

The suspect narrated how he sought and killed the 12 year old girl simply named "Bose", the daughter of poor lady on his street.

Confirming the incident to a Lagos correspondent this morning, Lagos Police PRO, Mrs. Ngozi Braide said Pastor Fireman was arrested on Tuesday five days after he was declared wanted by the police. She said investigation has commenced regarding his involvement.

She also said the outcome of the investigation would  soon be made public.

With his church receiving hordes of miracle seekers every weekend, Pastor Fireman's church auditorium at Aguda, Surulere area of Lagos is reportedly notorious for using semi-nude female ushers.

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