Saturday, 8 February 2014

You Won’t Believe What This Girl Has Done To Her Leg. This Latest Craze Is Catching On Fast. WOW.

3d-leg-tattooThis is an example of a recent body-modification trend. This is not a fake leg, as it may seem at first glance. This was actually done to her own leg. Is it as painful as it looks? Yes. Although, it may not be what you think.
What you see is the latest in 3-d tattooing. The blends of special ink to make realistic shadows, and the attention to detail come into play when creating one of these pieces. The designs are generally simple, as opposed to intricate murals, but the degree of detail employed is astounding. Some of these examples are quite impressive. You may get the urge to slap somebody on the shoulder to save their life when the lighting is just right.

That looks like it hurts!

5ab4ab6910220635ec8cdac03bbae0a83d-tattoo-designs-for-women-3d-tattoo-designs-for-women-fashions3d-Tattoos-0055f9084ffd23fd5bd3835e4e1ac4f6ce73d-Tattoos-004Excuse me, sir. Can I borrow your pen? Ma’am, your tattoo needle, perhaps?

3d-tattoos-0353d-tattoos-020OMG, LOOK OUT!

3d-Tattoos-0083d-tattoos-0133d-tattoos-036Gone are the days of simple boring tattoo sleeves…

1fdd7e9a0f42b058aa33e9fd56987414… and in today, is the “button-up belly” look.

3d-tattoos-033I suppose that the button-up serves to help appear professional while swimming or showering. These are quite impressive, in any event. I haven’t got a tattoo, myself, but stumbling across these images, I was blown away at the creativity and innovation behind the scenes of each one of these tattoos. They do border on the “novelty” aspect of things, but none the less, they are as unique as it gets.
Source: cssdesignawards

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